A successful movement needn’t believe in a god, but it does need to believe in a devil.

June 2022

Free expression is merely an abstract concept--and that's just the point
When people abandon the spirit of liberty, no law can protect it

May 2022

The perils of clamping down on “misinformation”

April 2022

In what is at least effectively a victory for free expression, MIT's two top administrators have resigned their posts.
When some students are offended by a mural, their law school effaces it
Because soprano Anna Netrebko refuses to name names, the Metropolitan Opera blacklists her.

March 2022

Frederick Douglass on the heckler’s veto
Dwight Macdonald on . . . cancel culture
Eighty years ago today the Supreme Court placed an asterisk next to the First Amendment. The Court has yet to remove it.
Notes to Fighting-Words Post

February 2022

Conflating dissent with disloyalty